FG XPRESS Compensation Plan

What is FG XPRESS X-5 Comp Plan?

FG XPRESS Compensation Plan

WELCOME to the real power of FG XPRESS Compensation Plan

Check markSimple duplication system.

Check markCreate, Teach and Repeat

Check markA Seamless Global Comp Plan

There are now 6 STREAMS of income with FG XPRESS Compensation Plan that operate individually, but also simultaneously.

1 Fast Start Bonus

2 Xtribe Bonus

3 Matching Bonus

4 Team Bonus

5 Rank Bonus

6  *New Retail Program = Sell to ‘Customers Only’ and get paid your Commissions next week!

*Plus our with our new FARMERS MARKET  you can also earn commissions and sales volume when your customers purchase one or more of our incredible health products from your own market.

Please watch the following video slide presentation as it will explain how this Hybrid Comp Plan works and what potential income is available to those who grasp the POWER of this system and make it work for them and their team.


I  hope you were able to see the speed with which you can grow YOUR business, if we all do a little.  FG XPRESS Compensation Plan, as you can see, gives you the potential to  grow your business locally AND globally right from the start. 

With FG XPRESS and their patented PowerStrips™ and X-5 Comp Plan, you have the ability not only to help you relieve physical pain but financial pain as well and HELP so many others do the same. 

Would that wonderful feeling be something which YOU would enjoy experiencing?

If you qualify, you can start your FG XPRESS business today – It’s that easy!

Join F G XPRESS Power Today

Income Disclaimer: You recognize and agree that we have made no implications, warranties, promises, suggestions, projections, representations or guarantees whatsoever to you about future prospects or earnings. Your income will be determined by your effort and your personal results.

Here is the link to FGXpress Income Statement:



~ FG XPRESS Compensation Plan



FG Xpress Team International

About FG Xpress Team International

FG Xpress Team International mission is to bring Physical & Financial PAIN Relief to millions of people globally, one person at a time. The FG XPRESS Team International website was created by Glenn Watson, an independent distributor of FG XPRESS, so he could share to the world the amazing FG XPRESS product 'PowerStrips™'. For more information about FG Xpress Team International CLICK HERE

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