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FG Xpress gives you two ways to buy our US FDA Listed PowerStrips: 

FG XPRESS PowerStrips customer

To BUY FG Xpress PowerStrips Customer Only

CLICK HERE or the BUY Now button below!

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Please note: If you would like some instructions as a FG Xpress PowerStrips customer on How to Order PowerStrips as you go through the company forms. Please CLICK HERE

Some of the forms are not in all languages, so if you would like to review the process to buy as a FG Xpress PowerStrips customer in another language than English as you fill in the forms, please click on one of the links below.

(the page you will be directed to is using Google translate so it may not be a good as I would like. But I hope it helps until the company can have everything on their website translated in more languages. As we are shipping into over 170 countries now, we will catch up with all languages soon. Thank you for understanding)

FG Xpress PowerStrips Customer:

CLICK HERE for Spanish

CLICK HERE for Italian

CLICK HERE for Korean

CLICK HERE for German

CLICK HERE for French

CLICK HERE for Russian

CLICK HERE for Portuguese

CLICK HERE for Chinese

CLICK HERE for Turkish

CLICK HERE for Vietnamese

CLICK HERE for Japanese

CLICK HERE for all others

*You can change the page to your language using the Website Translation at the top right of page


FGXpress Team Members
If you would like to become a member of our International Team to help spread the benefits of the PowerStrips to the millions of people worldwide that are suffering from pain everyday, please CLICK HERE or the Enroll Now! button below to start today!

enroll now  *** Benefits to being a member ***

  •  Lower Price – Save Money
  •  Opportunity to get your PowerStrips for FREE + Earn bonuses
  •  Help others get relief from their pain by sharing in person or through your own website.
  •  One-Time cost of only $12.00 to set-up your account

When you CLICK on the Enroll Now button you will be taken to the new member enrollment page.

Choose the language and country and then follow the 3 Easy Seps to enroll.



*If you have any trouble when you enroll and order your FG XPRESS PowerStrips online or you would prefer doing it by phone through one of our customer support people, you can do this by calling the support line and they will help you through the procedure.

From North America… the Company’s Support Office number is: 1-801-655-5500.

(from other countries please use your long distance prefix – we also have support staff that speak a number of languages)

From within Mexico… the Mexico Support Office number is: 01-800-367-3639

From other Spanish speaking Countries…

Hotline Spain to Mexico: 900-98-52-12

Hotline Costa Rica to Mexico: 0800-052-15-68

Hotline Colombia to Mexico: 01-800-9520-618

From all other countries the Mexico Support Office number is: 01-52-444-841-4810


If you call into support, they will need the membership number or name of the person who referred you to FG XPRESS. My number is 3059566 and my name is Glenn Watson.

If you have joined, please let me know at glenn@fgxpressteaminternational.com so our team and I can help you with any questions you have or information you need.  We will connect you to our international team website as well.

You will also receive an email from the company with all the login details for your new FG Xpress back office. That is where you will find tons of information in our every expanding library section. 


Painless is Priceless” By each of us helping one person at a time we will help so many relieve their pain and change their lives.

As a FG Xpress PowerStrips customer or member, YOU can help so many people you know!

FG Xpress Team International

About FG Xpress Team International

FG Xpress Team International mission is to bring Physical & Financial PAIN Relief to millions of people globally, one person at a time. The FG XPRESS Team International website was created by Glenn Watson, an independent distributor of FG XPRESS, so he could share to the world the amazing FG XPRESS product 'PowerStrips™'. For more information about FG Xpress Team International CLICK HERE

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