Order FG Xpress PowerStrips Wholesale or Retail

To Order FG XPRESS PowerStrips online from over 180 countries is an EASY and SECURE process.

(You can also order FG Xpress PowerStrips by calling our support team – information at the bottom of this page)

 You have TWO Pricing Options to Order FG Xpress PowerStrips:

OPTION ONE:  Wholesale Price => Enroll as a member of FG Xpress and purchase a single package of PowerStrips at the wholesale price. **See complete details of how you can qualify for even lower pricing per package & how to get 3 additional strips FREE with your order, when you go through the easy enrollment steps Enroll in FG XpressCLICK Enroll Now & follow 3 Easy Steps to enroll as a member. A small one-time fee to set-up your member account applies.


OPTION TWO: Retail Price => YES, you can also order FG Xpress PowerStrips as a customer only Order FG Xpress PowerStrips


When you CLICK HERE  or on the ORDER FG Xpress POWERSTRIPS TODAY button below, you will be directed to the FG Xpress company’s ‘Retail Order Page’ where you can order FG Xpress PowerStrips.

Order Your FG XPRESS PowerStrips Today

Start by Selecting the Country to Ship to:

FGXpress Buy PowerStrips - Step 1

You will now be ready to order FG Xpress PowerStrips. (US products example)

Order FG XPRESS PowerStrips

  • Choose the number of PowerStrip packages that you want to purchase.

You can start with a one-month’s supply, which is one package of 15 PowerStrips or if you are sharing with a family member or friend, you might want to consider buying two packages.

Each PowerStrip is recommended to be worn for approx. 48 hours, so a one month’s supply is 15 PowerStrips. It is also recommended to wear them consistently for the first 30 days to enjoy the full benefits of the PowerStrips. Everyone is different and therefore their body will react differently to how fast they work for them. If you get relief quickly, wonderful. If not please be patient as they do work! (Please also watch the video at the bottom of this page on how to use your PowerStrips)

  • Fill in the quantity you want to purchase and CLICK Add to Cart   button.

Then CLICK Continue

The next page will show you the quantity you ordered and the sub-total.

FGXpress buy Powerstrips - Order review

  • Check to make sure this is the number of packages you want and CLICK Continue

This next page is where you will Enter your shipping address.

FGXpress buy PowerStrips - Shipping information

  • FILL in your complete shipping address:

*Please note the standard shipping method is different for each country and some countries have optional methods available for quicker delivery service. (If this option is available it will be shown here)

*The company is working hard on having more global warehouses and optional shipping methods available in more countries – coming soon.

  • PAYMENT METHOD – Please enter your Credit Card information.

* Please note that this is a secured order form, so your information is SAFE.

If your credit or debit card billing address is the same as your shipping address, make sure you check the box beside ‘Same as Shipping Address’. If your are shipping it to another address, please fill in your Credit Card Billing Address information here.

FGXpress Buy PowerStrips - Payment method

  • CLICK on Review Order

*Please review all your information, especially your mailing address

  •  Once you have reviewed your order, follow the final instructions to complete your purchase and …

That’s it!

Look for a confirmation email from the company that will also give you a tracking number. You may have to look in your spam filter as your email account may send it there. If you do not receive a confirmation email, please contact me at: glenn@painreliefpainpatches.com

All orders are shipped usually within 2 business days of receiving your order.

They will be shipped in a greeting card sized envelop similar to this picture.


The approximate number of days for delivery after your FG XPRESS PowerStrips are shipped:

US residents: 3 5 business days

Canadian residents: 7 10 business days

International residents: 7 14 business days


*If you have any trouble when you order FG XPRESS PowerStrips online or you would prefer ordering by phone through one of our customer support people, you can also order by calling the support line and they will help you place your order or enroll as a member. Many of our international support staff have Skype accounts so you can call them from anywhere in the world if you have a Skype account too. (Skype accounts are FREE and if you do not have one you can get one here www.skype.com )

We have team members who speak many different languages including: Spanish, Russian, German, Italian, French, Portuguese and Chinese. If you would like to speak to someone in your native language please contact the support office by phone or email.

From North America… the Company’s Support Office number is: 1-801-655-5500.

(from other countries please use your long distance prefix – we also have support staff that speak a number of languages)

From Mexico… the Mexico Support Office number is: 01-800-367-3639

From Latin American Countries… the Mexico Support Office number is: 01-52-444-841-4810


Email Support Contacts:

ITALY: italianxpresscare@forevergreen.org


BRAZIL & PORTUGAL: portuguesexpresscare@forevergreen.org

TURKEY: turkeyxpresscare@forevergreen.org ()

If you call into support, they will need the membership number or name of the person who referred you to FG XPRESS. My number is 3059566 and my name is Glenn Watson .

Congratulations again on taking steps to relieve your pain naturally.

Order Your FG XPRESS PowerStrips Today

PLEASE Watch this important video …THANK YOU

How to Use Your FG Xpress PowerStrips once they arrive…

If you have any questions before or after you order FG Xpress PowerStrips, please let me know.  And please get back to us as we would also like to hear how you are feeling after using them.

You can address your questions or testimonials to Glenn Watson:


Also, please share your experience with others so they too can enjoy temporary relief from their pain and discomfort and/or improve the feel and look of their skin. Here are just a few of the testimonials people are already sharing…

“Painless is Priceless”

Here are just some of the many testimonials from people just like you…

… one power strip on the back and one-half power strip on each leg. Back pain is gone, knee pain is almost gone, I just booked some ballroom dancing lessons! This is hard to believe! ~ Harry C. (87 years young)


I applied the product to the bottom of each foot before bedtime. The next morning my feet were like new! For the first time in years and I felt like I was walking on cushy slippers all day.

~ Kathy R

– – – – – – – – – – – – – – –

Linda K.

I’m so excited about this amazing natural product. Now I can tell all my friends. The best part is that it works quickly, it’s inexpensive and it’s natural.

~ Linda K

 – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –

    “Thanks to PowerStrips, our family of four hasn’t used harmful pain relief products in over a year.”
    ~ Dina S.

    “Able to sleep with no back pain!”
    ~ Sandi S

    “Improved circulation and pain relief after only three weeks.”
    ~ Joyce G

    “Lower back pain for decades is now gone.”
    ~ G.C

    “PowerStrips worked within an hour and now I live a pain-free life! I am back to exercising and am so thankful for this wonderful product.”
    ~ Myra B.

    “PowerStrips help directly. Very good stuff. Thank you!”
    ~ Jo V.

    “After a few months of using PowerStrips I was doing things physically I hadn’t done in a very long time.”
    ~ Jeff L.

    “I use them for everything. They are wonderful!”
    ~ Joan D.






~ Why suffer any longer? Order FG XPRESS PowerStrips today!


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